Serverless Laravel Hosting for Web Artisans

Animo Cloud believes in a serverless future, where developers focus more on their application's code and less on their server setup and maintenance.

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A fresh approach

We are on a mission to bring cloud innovation to everyone.

Secured from go

The second your application is deployed, so is your free and secure SSL certificate (provided by LetsEncrypt).

One-click Apps

When you need to go fast, install Wordpress, Drupal and other applications with 1 click.

Automatic back-ups

Backups come as standard; are automatic and easy to restore in the event you need to recover your data.

Scale up and down

Scale your website or application based on demand with our 'Scale up/down' feature. So when Black Friday comes around, your website will have all the power it needs.

Realtime error monitoring

Coming Soon

Get realtime push notifications via Email, SMS and Slack when something is not working correctly.

Instant rollbacks

Coming Soon

We know that when you push updates to your website, things do not always go to plan. With our instant rollbacks, you can return within seconds to where you were before your update.

Proudly built on a solid stack

Your infrastructure requires stable and mature technologies to host your customer applications.


Clear and configurable pricing

Pay for what you use

The pricing to host your application depends on the infrastructure you require. What you see is what you get. We do not hide fees.

Avoid idle infrastructure resources: Pay for the needs of the moment. Unlike a traditional VPS solution, scaling the resources of your application on Animo is easy. It's just a click of a button and doesn't require downtime.

per CPU core (min. 2GHz) $3.00 per Month
per 1GB RAM $3.00 per Month
per 1GB Storage $0.075 per Month
Pricing example

Included for Free

Without the need for installation and configuration:
A Load Balancer
SSL Certificate
Internal Networking

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Your first month is on us

Each developer receives:
2 CPU cores
10GB Storage